Vis needs a vet!

It’s hard to believe that there’s no vet on the island of Vis, but it’s true. There hasn’t been one for years. Rumor has it that one’s coming soon (as of this writing on September 21, 2018), but so far, nada. Animal welfare activist Luka Oman, president of Animal Friends Croatia, wrote a letter to the mayor of Vis about this in August of 2014. You can read it here.

There are lots of animals on Vis who could benefit from veterinary services: farm animals, the many breeds of dogs one can find on on the island, but also cats. The cat population is out of control, and people take matters into their own hands. This includes drowning, abandonment (dropping cats off somewhere in the country to fend for themselves) and who knows what else. Kittens can be found tied in sacks dumped in garbage bins, and poisoning is very common, leading to drawn-out and agonizing deaths.

There are compassionate people who try to help, but getting a cat to the mainland to get spayed or neutered involves time and expense that many people don’t have. An activist group called STREET PUSSY does fundraising and education, which will continue even after Vis gets a vet, whenever that miracle happens.

Vis is a beautiful island, but the lack of attention to animal welfare is a blight on its reputation. Grassroots activism is brewing, but real solutions need to happen structurally. There needs to be a full-time vet, programs in schools to educate children about spaying and neutering, as well as awareness campaigns for the general public.

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Vis needs a vet!

Vis needs a Vet!

Veterinarska praksa Anima (Split)

Veterinarska praksa Anima

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